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About Us

complete it solutions in one place
For 22 years Qual have responded to our customers’ IT requirements by providing the very best products, unhealthy services, malady support and tailor-made solutions to meet their specific business demands.

‘Empowering IT’ is the heart of our ethos, we believe that every organisation is unique requiring individual attention to meet their objectives, our aim is to understand the company before understanding the requirement. With offices located in Horley (Head Office), near Gatwick, and Theale near Reading, our friendly and professional approach as an independent IT specialist means we guarantee impartial advice and solutions to ensure our recommendations surpass your expectations.

Qual Limited is fully accredited with all tier one vendors and offers complete turnkey solutions.

When our customers need help we respond, delivering a comprehensive range of Products, Services and Solutions, backed up by some of the most professional specialists in the industry to provide the added assurance that businesses and organisations throughout the UK can trust.

Phone Number Icon. Qual Phone Number 01293 400 720
+44 (0)1293 400 720
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Qual Head Office:

Qual Limited, Business Unit 10, Gatwick Metro Centre,
Balcombe Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 9GA
Telephone: +44 (0)1293 400 720
Email: info@qual.co.uk/sales@qual.co.uk
Qual Limited Horley

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