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Snapshot Service Offerings

Our Infrastructure Snapshot service delivers a detailed presentation results in:
  • Identified areas of potential cost saving
  • Prioritised process and procedure recommendations against industry peers
  • Identification of utilisation and performance increase opportunities
  • Deferred CapEx and cost saving opportunities
  • Action Plan and Next Step recommendations for increased efficiency and utilisation

*Pricing starts from £2995 for each technology study

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  • Current Reference Architecture
  • Backup capacity and growth trends
  • Performance levels i.e. backup throughput
  • Backup and restore challenges and success rates
  • Levels of drive and tape utilisation

Disaster Recovery

  • Review your disaster recovery approach
  • How prepared is your organisation for a disaster
  • How effective is your disaster recovery plan
  • How regular do you exercise your disaster recovery plan


  • Better insights on the scalability of the current environment
  • Highlights potential storage reclamation, orphan storage and identifies areas for cost avoidance through storage reclamation
  • Errors within the arrays in scope i.e. operational risk
  • Gathers information required to make informed decisions when considering change

Virtual Environment

  • Health-check of your virtual infrastructure
  • Virtual machine configuration
  • Host configuration
  • Security configuration analysis
  • Identifies further consolidation options
  • Improvements to stability and scalability

Data Management

  • File and mailbox ageing
  • Duplicate files, opportunities for de-duplication and archiving
  • Usage by user and file type
  • Orphaned files

Network Environment

  • Health-check of your network infrastructure
  • Examine the Endpoints
  • Monitor Network Device Interfaces
  • Monitor Traffic Flows
  • Make recommendations for “right-sizing” your network infrastructure

*All pricing excludes VAT.

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