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Maintenance Made Simple

SureAssist IT Maintenance will dramatically help reduce your infrastructure complexity and allow IT staff to be more productive. Simply add your list of Hardware items and their locations and chose your hours of coverage and SLA from the table below.

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Warranty Management – Free up your IT Staff for more productive tasks

Creating a robust network means using a blend of technologies from several vendors each one with a different process for raising warranty issues. This becomes time consuming and takes IT staff away from more productive tasks.

Warranty management can be added to SureAssist Maintenance, meaning regardless of the hardware item that fails, there is only one simple call logging process to follow and we will handle the rest, making it a far more simple, effective, and cost-efficient process.

SureAssist Maintenance Plus – Reduce costs and make them more predictable

Maintenance Plus is a service formulated through customer consultation and market analysis to deliver a more predictable product lifecycle and help to project costs, the additional services include:
  • SureAssist Lifecycle Planning Workshops enable you to plan the most cost effective point to refresh hardware, with consideration to compatibility with other services and software, spares availability and increasing downtime. This allows you to future predict and not be forced into unexpected upgrades, giving you far greater control of your expenditure.

  • Targeted proactive maintenance identifies areas where preventative action can reduce downtime and prolong the life of hardware systems in a cost effective manner. This allows you to realise a greater return on investment from these assets and with the reduction in downtime, and keep your business more productive.

  • Account Manager Reviews are not just for the discussion of service level attainment but also ways of adjusting the service to better to meet the demands of your business. Together we can work to tailor your services to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and keep downtime to a minimum.
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