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Head Office: 01293 400 720 | City Office: 020 7190 9589

Cisco Smart Care

What is the Cisco ® Smart Care Support Service?

The Cisco ® Smart Care Support Service is a unique collaborative service offering that provides Qual channel partners with a proactive service platform which allows them to build upon Cisco ® networking expertise, methodologies, technical tools, and service infrastructure to create new customised support services for their customers.

The Cisco ® Smart Care support provides Qual channel partners with everything they need by managing all the ongoing remote monitoring, proactive network maintenance, and comprehensive technical support for their customers entire voice and data networks, as well as add-on services designed and delivered by Qual — providing a single service offering.

Qual monitors your customers’ networks via web-based service dashboards at our Service desk.

We can even provide you with a high-level view of a dashboard using our web portal. As a result, Qual delivers a comprehensive network maintenance and support offering that includes:

  • Remote monitoring and repair of qualified Cisco ® devices and software applications
  • Proactive assess and repair services to identify potential network issues
  • Technical support for qualified Cisco ® network foundation, voice, and security solutions through a single network-wide maintenance contract
  • Proactive notifications to simplify the updating of Cisco ® devices
  • Assess and prepare services to simplify the addition of new technologies such as Cisco ® Unified Communications and advanced security solutions

Cisco ® Smart Care Support delivered by Qual SureAssist brings together the complementary strengths of Cisco ® networking devices and services and Qual SureAssit’s unrivalled levels of support and understanding of the channel.

Cisco ® Smart Care Support main features:

  • Cisco TAC access
  • Network Monitoring & Assessment
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Reactive Support
  • Security Assessment and repair
  • Voice Assessment and repair
  • Remote network monitoring of Cisco ® devices
  • Network-level coverage on a single contract
  • 24×7 Partner access to the TAC
  • 4hr and Next Business Day hardware replacement
  • IOS updates and upgrades
  • Software Application Support updates
  • Cisco.com and Smart Care Control Panel/Dashboard
  • Proactive notifications to simplify the updating of Cisco ® devices
  • Assess and repair services to identify potential network issues
  • Assess and prepare services to simplify the addition of new technologies and applications over time (Security & Voice)

Confidence in Qual SureAssist

As an accredited Cisco ® Collaborative Services Partner, Qual SureAssist ensure that all our channel partners have ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to purchasing a Cisco ® Smart Care Service from them. Partnering with Qual SureAssist is a way to ensure that your customers’ networks are operational, secure and functioning 24/7. The Cisco ® Smart Care Service gives you greater visibility into the performance of your network, and helps you greatly reduce the time and effort necessary to make sure that your network is running efficiently.

To explore the unique advantages that a Qual Cisco Smartcare can bring to your organisation, or if you would like to discuss arranging a FREE consultation, call us now on +44 (0)1293 400 720
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