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IT Network Management

IT Network Management is a full time job and one that requires a dedicated, strategic approach to ensure that any issues are dealt with as soon as they arise. Calling engineers out after the network has gone down is inefficient and costly and can be avoided by utilising Qual SureAssit’s remote network monitoring service.

IT Network Management overview

With networks demanding 24/7 attention it has never been more important to have the correct IT Network Management in place. Increasing pressure from customers has put more reliance on support organisations to provide a dedicated remote technical support team that are available to monitor networks whatever the time.

Focussed on supporting our channel partners, Qual SureAssist can deliver a remote network monitoring solution which allows our team of technical experts to monitor your customers’ networks remotely in a safe and secure environment 24/7.

From our Network Operations Centre (NOC), we can monitor a wide range of complex networks across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe and quickly alert customers of potential problems before they have a significant impact on a business. Remote monitoring can save businesses from the time, inconvenience and costs of a call out.

Our remote IT network monitoring service provides the monitoring of all devices under contract with Qual and will alert the customer of any incidents that could affect the performance of the overall IT network infrastructure.

Key Product Features:

  • High Level Summary Views
  • Topology and Event Search Views
  • Monitor Performance and Alerts
  • Reports for Common Performance Metrics

IT Network Management

In addition to alerting your customers of incidents Qual SureAssist are able to provide an IT network incident management service. This service will provide your customers with access to our highly skilled engineering teams to assist with the related incident and ensure a swift resolution. All incidents will be logged and managed through the l SureAssist Call Management System (CMS).

Through secure access to the customer infrastructure through one or more MPLS links l SureAssist are also able to use advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting skills so that any non-hardware related incidents can be identified.

Key features of remote network monitoring include:

  • Active monitoring
  • Retrospective network reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Network failure reporting
  • Central network error log

The system will assist your customers with:

  • Network visibility
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network reporting
  • Failure notification
  • Multi-user access
  • Security

Customer Portal

The portal provides basic functionality and includes user specific topology map displays, event log views, and real-time MIB table/graph displays. This web based module will allow the customer to have full visibility of their infrastructure health. Your customers will have full multi user access, which will provide the ability to view, monitor, remotely manage, and report on the whole network through a single interface. This is the most important aspect of the solution and is extremely flexible. There are over 400 reports which can be setup and run with as much or as little information as is required.

Software capabilities include:

  • Performance and fault management
  • Intuitive point and click interface
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Universal device poller
  • Community support
  • VMware virtualisation monitoring
  • Report writer
  • Customer property editor
  • Role based access control
  • SNMP trap and syslog viewer


At Qual we are committed to providing tailored support solutions to meet your customers’ needs. Assisting channel partners across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe means Qual has the technical expertise, resources and experience to remotely monitor your customers’ networks 24/7. Remote monitoring allows us to closely monitor and fix any IT network problems from our Network Operations Centre which in turn provides an efficient, reliable service to keep your customers’ networks running optimally at all times.

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