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Technical Delivery

In-house IT Experts

As a cost effective and reliable alternative to full time IT staff, many companies now use the reliability and practicality of an experienced technical and accredited Qual engineer to act as one of their own team, and more importantly, only when they need them. Need an in-house IT Expert but don’t want the expense of an additional member of staff? Why go to the expense of advertising, interviewing and employing a new member of staff when you don’t have to? Whether you need to configure and install new hardware, upgrade or update your software, arrange holiday or sickness cover for an existing IT team member, or simply need to talk to a reliable and knowledgeable IT expert when things seem to be grinding to a halt, then we’re here to help. No matter what your requirements be they an hour a week, a week a month, a month a year or just a few hours every now and then, we can arrange for a qualified and experienced engineer either on site or on the end of the phone just when you need one. With extremely cost effective hourly, daily, weekly and long-term contract rates, a Qual Engineer is the most efficient, knowledgeable and reliable solution for your organisations IT staffing requirements. With telephone, on-line and on-site engineer support plus a remote monitoring service for system applications if required, help is never more than a call or click away.
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